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The aim of ICBA is to facilitate the exchange of information and experience between professionals specialising in criminal law, and unions thereof. It also strives to support the independent and unobstructed practice of such professionals, as well as their right to perform professional duties without the interference of third parties, according to the rule of law. To aid societies and foundations in legal matters, forming cooperative associations.

To represent the members of such associations in government, municipal and national institutions, as well as to cooperate with Latvian and foreign institutions, whose aims correlate with those of ICBA. To facilitate the cooperation and to protect the interests of attorneys at law, as well as to promote their professional development. To provide information and consultations on the most relevant legal topics in Latvia and abroad.

To print and distribute informational documents, e.g. bulletins, brochures, catalogues and other documents. To finance and attract financing for events (conferences, seminars, exchange programmes) organized by other establishments in Latvia and abroad, provided their aim align with the aims of ICBA. Finally, to provide and attract financing for the establishment of organizations (e.g. associations, non-profit organizations, foundations etc.) in Latvia and abroad, when their aim are related to those of ICBA.