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Legal affairs while the war

Legal market as well as most business activities in Ukraine are currently in crisis. However, lawyers are also fighting for the victory of Ukraine using their professional skills.

In the first weeks, our office in Kyiv, for the most part, worked remotely, like most companies, due to active military fighting in Kyiv and the region. Some of our lawyers have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are now defending our Motherland with weapons in their hands.

One of our attorneys - Ivan Krasnov, unfortunately, faced the terrible consequences of the russian aggression - his house was completely destroyed on March 21, 2022 due to incendiary phosphorus ammunition and constant artillery shelling of residential areas of occupied Irpin. Our law firm started fundraising to help him and his family to restore their only home as soon as possible.

News on Azovstal and its tragedy spread all over the world. We also supported our defenders and submitted an appeal to the United Nations asking the General Secretariat to assist in all possible legal ways to prevent the violation of the fundamental right to life of Ukrainian defenders of Azovstal, who had been defending the state of Ukraine for more than 70 days.

The vast majority of consultations we have been providing since February, 24 are connected with the war:

The most notable are the following legal cases of the Barristers law firm:

1. The Barristers team volunteered to help launch Ukraine's first local military administration. On March 21, 2022, the President of Ukraine by his Decree № 156/2022 ordered the establishment of the Gostomel local military administration of the Bucha district of the Kyiv region.
This is the first local military administration in Ukraine, ie the first military administration at the municipal level. The professional experience of our lawyers was useful in organizing the work of the military administration, which has no analogues among local governments.

2. The Barristers team has joined to the volunteer movement #АдвокатиЗСУ (translated as the lawyers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) initiated under the auspices of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and supported by the Minister of Justice. All the lawyers of our law firm still help servicemen and their families by providing qualified legal assistance in various areas of law.

3. We not only analyze legislative innovations, but also initiate their application in practice.
For the first time, the court suspended the proceedings on the grounds of mobilization in a case in which Barristers' lawyers are defenders.

4. In cooperation, Barristers signed a tripartite memorandum. We have established a legal service as part of the voluntary formation of the territorial community in order to increase the legal awareness of territorial defense fighters about their legal status, social guarantees and legal responsibility, as well as the use of weapon. Classes with Barristers attorneys are included in the volunteer training plan.

5. We also signed a memorandum with one of the leading law firms in Poland - Kancelaria Prawna Sawaryn i Partnerzy in order to expand the range of legal services and their territory. As part of the cooperation, they took part in the Innovation Summit in Eastern Europe and the largest startup event in Poland - Wolves Summit 2022.

6. Barristersʼ lawyer joined the project `Yurfem: Support` Association of Women Lawyers of Ukraine `YurFem` to provide legal assistance to victims of sexual violence during the occupation pro bono.

To sum up I would like to point out that no one should get used to war, and we should talk about it to the whole world. But at the same time, in order to restore the country's economy and continue the functioning of its main institutions, such as courts, government agencies, critical infrastructure enterprises, social security system etc. - even in such circumstances, lawyers are simply obliged to gather strength and work bringing Ukraine closer to victory. That's exactly what the Barristers team is doing right now, I guess, like most law firms in Ukraine.

Best regards, Kostyantyn Hloba, the head and the managing partner of the BARRISTERS law firm