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International organizations such as ICBA or the International Criminal Court are intergovernmental or non-governmental institutions focusing on facilitating the work of national and local establishments in the field of criminal law. Their role is that of support and complementary aid, i.e. they either do not deal with specific cases themselves, or do so only in specific circumstances. Often they ensure the distribution of useful information, data collection and analytics, financing and/or attraction of financing, as well as legal representative and organizational support for any practitioners.

Human rights organizations

Human rights organizations are institutions, groups and coьmissions focusing on crimes against human rights, such as slavery, torture, biased trial, and refusal of various freedoms. An example of such organization is the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, which acts as an institution dedicated to the promotion of human rights guaranteed by international laws. A special branch of human rights organizations deals with the rights of vulnerable groups, e.g. children, ethnic minorities, disabled people etc.

Organizations fighting financial crime

International organizations fighting financial crime are dedicated to combating crime related to financial activities, such as money laundering, terrorism financing, investment fraud, and corruption. Financial crime is often related to government institutions and major global economy players, making this area particularly relevant in the international aspect.

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