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Corruption is one of the major financial crimes, involving persons holding public offices receiving money and/or other resources in exchange for illegal actions, patronage, fraud and other financial machinations. As it usually involves major economical players and even governments, it is considered one of the most serious international crimes, as it affects the livelyhood of whole nations, or even the entire world. It also means that battling corruption requires powerful associations, corporations, private legal practitioners and even ordinary activists joining their forces. The role of associations such ICBA is providing the framework for such cooperation, as well as ensuring that individual practitioners can conduct their work in an unobstructed fashion, without any pressure form the government.

Corruption around the world

What makes corruption difficult to overcome is the fact that each nation suffers differently from it, and each has their own causes. ICBA and similar organizations offer their guidance to local communities and national governments in analyzing these factors and coming up with a solution that suits each particular case. Naturally, such projects require significant funding, and Bar Associations around the world cooperate to ensure that there are enough resources. Below, you will find a summary on corruption in the major regions of the world, which gives insight in are-specific trends and outlines, how corruption in each of them is different.

Corruption worldwide